Cleaning Services for

Commercial and Industrial Sites

Our Team

State Licensed, Insured, and Bonded.

CA Diversified Services management team has over 50 years experience in the commercial cleaning industry.

We are a family owned and operated business, which means we care about the quality of cleaning services we provide to medical, industrial, commercial, and educational clients in Southern California.

Colleen Nicassio


Colleen has been an entrepreneur since college when she started her own Fashion Boutique store in Pasadena. She has assisted her husband Andre in the Facility Services business for over 40 years. Her knowledge of employee performance and client satisfaction has been paramount to her success in the business world.

Andre Nicassio


Andre has been in the Facilities Services business for over 50 years providing cleaning services for major high-rise buildings, hospitals, and industrial and utilities locations. His teams have reached over 500 locations throughout Western United States with over 2500 employees ensuring quality cleaning services.

Andrea Shaffer

Managing Partner

Andrea is a trained office services professional who has traveled the country developing and managing sales client relationships for over 27 years, including several leading high-end furniture manufacturing companies. She brings her drive and commitment to the CA Diversified Services business.
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